Dispute Settlement Services Ltd


Is an independent consultancy specialising
in settling a range of common disputes
in the field of travel related consumer affairs.


We are an Independent Dispute Resolution Service


Providing many experienced and professional
arbitrators and mediators with excellent track
records in their fields and dispute resolution and
in particular in travel related dispute resolution.





Dispute Settlement Services

Offers a simple, confidential and relatively inexpensive method
of settling travel related disputes by the appointment from our
panel of appropriately chosen Independent
Arbitrators or Mediators to examine the facts and
give a ruling from the documents you provide without the necessity of a personal appearance, 



quickly, without too much formality and without resorting to expensive litigation where you lose control of the outcome and goodwill between the parties is lost.





Because Arbitration and Mediation is a voluntary process, Dispute Settlement Services can ensure:

                                                    1. Maximum flexibility and confidentiality for parties to agree to use the process 

                                         2. Speed and efficiency in the appointment of arbitrators

                                         3. Means of reducing delays and counteracting delaying tactics

                                         4. Arbitrators’ power to decide on their own jurisdiction

                                         5. Special powers for joinder of third parties

                                         6. Waiver of right of appeal

                                         7. Most likely to reach a reasoned and undisputed outcome





The International Business Community

Has driven recent changes in commercial dispute resolution procedures. The evidence points to Arbitration being the first choice for the binding resolution of commercial disputes in the widest range of contractual relationships and across many jurisdictions, as the extraordinary reach of the New York Convention, currently extending to around 140 jurisdictions, testifies. Litigation is quite rightly seen, in many jurisdictions, as too expensive,



time consuming and contentious and the courts in the UK are most definitely expecting parties to have had a good attempt at resolving disputes and reaching out of court settlements. The traditional underpinnings of private processes of dispute resolution are enforceability, neutrality, confidentiality, cost effectiveness and speed. To these has been added the principle of flexibility and Arbitration is the main one most frequently written into a contract’s terms.



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